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Month: August 2016

Accessibility in Education: How is it defined

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The second post in my company’s series about accessibility in education is live. My colleague, Scott Ready, defines accessibility and dives into the nuances of disability and it’s impact on the learning environment. Check it out. My next contribution to this series will cover some of the key market trends in Higher Education around accessibility. Should be an interesting thought exercise.   Accessibility in education: How is it defined? – Blackboard Blog Accessibility in education means creating¬†barrier-free learning environments, so that all students are able to experience all facets of higher education.¬† Source:  

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Agile Accessibility Testing

Posted in Accessibility

I get asked all the time how you can adequately test for accessibility in an agile development process – when you don’t always have access to expert assistive tech users. Let’s be clear at the start, the best way to test your applications for accessibility is to make sure that at many points in your development process you ARE testing with native assistive technology users – especially screen readers. However, not all native screen reader users can be considered, experts either. At Blackboard, I developed a 3 step accessibility testing process that’s being done by our development teams during each…

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Accessibility in Education: The Learner Perspective

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I’ve been asked to co-author a series on accessibility in education and it’s impact specifically on learners for my company, Blackboard Inc. Since that’s a topic I write about often on here I am going to cross post a lot of the posts from both myself and my colleague, Scott Ready. This first post is an overview of some market trends in education, some research I did last year into the academic experience of students with diverse physical and cognitive needs, and a summary of what I think we can be doing move towards a more inclusive education system. Enjoy!…

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