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Getting my groove back

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Wow. It’s been a long time. But what a journey it’s been.

The last time I posted, in February 2017, I was working for Blackboard Inc and living in Arlington Virginia. In March of 2017, I moved clear across the country to Seattle Washington to start a new chapter in my professional life, working on accessibility stuff for Amazon. Taking a new job and moving so far from friends and family was a pretty big deal. I was excited and scared and amazed that I was really doing it. But I knew that I needed to step away from writing for a while to make it all work. So, I gave myself a year to focus on nothing but getting my new life established in Seattle and learning all about this new professional world I was launching myself into. And while it’s been a bit longer than a year, it’s been pretty wonderful. I love what I’m doing professionally. I ADORE Seattle. I continue to learn and grow and advocate for people with disabilities. I’m ready to start writing again.

What better way to start than to share some highlights of my first 18 months in Seattle. I’ve had loads of visitors and gotten to play tourist in this amazing city. I’ve hiked in Mount Rainer and a number of other amazing places. I got back into snowshoeing and skiing and everything winter. This is a magical place to live. I loved living in DC. But now, I can’t imagine living anywhere but Seattle.

But not all of my adventures since my previous posts have been in Seattle. I’ve also had opportunities to travel to India and Spain. I was blown away by the culture in India in the best possible way. Having mostly traveled to what can only be considered westernized countries, I was pretty nervous about India. I thought I’d be overwhelmed by the population, the poverty, and the sheer difference from everything I consider to be “normal”. I LOVED IT. India is one of the most calming, beautiful, and peaceful places I’ve ever been. Put it on your bucket list right now!

And that comes close to catching us up to today. It’s been a heck of an adventure. Now that I have my Seattle and Amazon legs under me I plan to start writing again regularly. So check back often, or subscribe for updates.

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  1. Val Schreiner
    Val Schreiner

    Good to hear from you again JoAnna!

    October 27, 2018

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