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Forget Averages. Design for Extremes

Posted in Accessibility, and Design

As designers, we use a number of different techniques to learn about our customers. Sometimes we host focus groups to dig into a specific idea. Sometimes we interview customers to learn more about what they’re looking for in a digital product. When we have products that we’re close to ready to ship, we will run usability studies or beta programs to get feedback and assess how easy our products are to use. And sometimes, we will conduct in-depth ethnographic research studies to uncover behavioral patterns and better understand the daily lives of customers we want to learn more about. The…

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Tips for teaching students with ADHD

Posted in Accessibility, and Education

This is a very personal post in Blackboard’s thought leadership series around accessibility in education. It shares the story of my nephew’s struggles with his education. His challenges are partially due to his disability, and partially due to a lack of understanding about how he learns by the educators that surround him. In this post I share some useful things to know about teaching students with ADHD and helping them learn and grow in academic environments.   Tips for teaching students with ADHD – Blackboard Blog Teaching students with ADHD can be both challenging and rewarding. The key for educators is understanding the…

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Kyle Maynard – Great Big Story

Posted in Accessibility, and Adventures

There are so many inspiring stories out there, but nothing better than the ones that bring together two of my favorite things: climbing, and people who are traditionally thought of as less than able kicking complete ass. Seriously, there are no limits but those your mind places on yourself and others. Breathtakingly beautiful indeed!!  Listen to the truly inspirational story of Kyle Maynard, the first quadruple amputee to climb Mount Kilimanjaro (among other things).  

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