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My Work

Thought LeadershipThought leadership project icon

I’m a design thinker working in the area of design, education, and accessibility. I’m a problem solver interested in understanding big problems and building strategies to solve them.


Experience DesignExperience Design project icon

I’m an interaction designer who is committed to creating experiences that fully meet the needs of all users. Through empathy based ethnographic research I take the time to deeply understand the people I am designing for. The details matter.


Creative ProjectsCreative projects icon

I’m an amateur photographer, seamstress, quilter, and crafter. I am always looking for unique ways to express myself and explore the beauty of the world around us.


Storytelling project iconStorytelling

I’m a storyteller with a lot of things say, a passion for sharing the insights, anecdotes, and experiences I’ve collected, and occasionally people other than my mom who enjoy listening to my stories.