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Kyle Maynard – Great Big Story

Posted in Accessibility, and Adventures

There are so many inspiring stories out there, but nothing better than the ones that bring together two of my favorite things: climbing, and people who are traditionally thought of as less than able kicking complete ass. Seriously, there are no limits but those your mind places on yourself and others. Breathtakingly beautiful indeed!!  Listen to the truly inspirational story of Kyle Maynard, the first quadruple amputee to climb Mount Kilimanjaro (among other things).  

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6 considerations for teaching a student with hearing loss

Posted in Accessibility, and Education

In this next post from Blackboard’s “Accessibility in Education” series my colleague Scott discusses what it’s like to be a student with moderate to complete hearing loss. There are a number of things educators should consider to ensure that this student has an equivalent experience in the class. Accessibility in education: 6 considerations for teaching students with a hearing loss – Blackboard Blog The primary barrier for deaf or hard of hearing students is communication. Here are important considerations for creating an inclusive learning environment. Source:  

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The impact of vision on learning

Posted in Accessibility, and Education

In the 5th post in Blackboard series “Accessibility in Education” I introduce readers to Jessica, a 20 something computer science student who has been struggling with diminishing vision since her early teens. We discuss the impacts it’s had on her learning and present some ways educators can remove the barriers we’re creating that prevent people like Jessica from being successful in her education.   Accessibility in education: The impact of vision on learning – Blackboard Blog Have you thought about what it means to be visually impaired and how it impacts student learning? Ways to create an inclusive experience for…

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