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Pink Rocket Ships

After the success of my nephew’s nursery (see Alphabets and Owls) I jumped at the chance to do a second nursery when my sister told me she was having another baby. Once again, they didn’t want to know if they were having a boy or a girl. And once again my sister mostly knew exactly what she wanted: rocket ships. She wanted a fun STEM focused room. And this time, she said, no quilting needed.

That no quilt thing lasted as long as it took for her to find a pattern she liked and we were off to the races planning another, albeit simpler, baby quilt. This time though other projects got in the way of the timeline and it wasn’t until AFTER my little niece was born that things really got started. The good thing about that was that I was able to swap out some more gender neutral fabric for some fabulously pink rocket ships. There is nothing I like better than encouraging a young girls interest in science and technology.

This one of a kind nursery is outfitted with a custom built wall of shelves, cubbies, and closet space. The blue walls with white, orange, and pink accents along with a solar system light fixture and a dreamy canopy complete this dreamy, insanely smart little storyteller’s hideaway.